El Hijo del Santo © debuted on October 18, 1982 in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas. Starting a tour of different cities alongside his father, the legendary Santo, El Enmascarado de Plata® ™, who in turn said goodbye to the ring while heiring his son to use the mask and continue with his legend.

El Hijo del Santo, a professional wrestler, has defended his mask 79 times and won 44 masks and 35 scalps in betting fights; achievements that support the undoubted fact that today he is recognized as a maximum exponent of Mexican wrestling, carrying with him the name and image of the greatest Mexican superhero of all time and who has exceeded expectations before the international public.

The heir of La Leyenda de Plata (the silver legend), also known as El Santo ©, has achieved to keep alive the traditional echo of “¡Santo! ¡Santo! ¡Santo!” Within the arenas of Lucha Libre and venues where he wrestles around the world.

As an actor, El Hijo del Santo debuted alongside his father as a child in the films Santo VS. Capulina and La Venganza de la Momia, among others. He has written for 12 years in different capital newspapers with his column Hablemos Sin Máscaras (Let's Talk Without Masks) ®, he has starred in the nightly live television program, Experiencias® con El Hijo del Santo® ™. He has exhibited his pictorial work in important spaces such as the International Book Fair of cities such as Bogotá (Colombia) and Mexico City in places such as The Torre Mayor, Parque Bicentenario, and so on. Likewise, he has participated in different pro-environment campaigns, defending endangered marine species and in support campaigns for non-profit foundations dedicated to promoting breast cancer prevention and a UNICEF ambassador for children among dozens of other titles and achievements that have been awarded to the masked man throughout his career, distinguish him among his sport guilds.

El Hijo del Santo® ™, El Enmascarado de Plata® ™, is today an icon that preserves the legacy that his father left for him to keep alive but takes it further and makes it even more relevant to the new generation of youth and fans of the world we live in today.

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El Hijo del Santo

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We are the result of the passion, dedication, and affection of the public and our fans.

We are a family business that represents the heir to the greatest idol and masked superhero that has ever existed in Mexico. We have worked together since the year 2000, providing a professional and personalized service towards our clients.

We are also a business group that provides employment to Mexican artisans and to all those who have the magic contribute to our project.

Our company dedicates to manufacturing and distributing a variety of items ranging from clothing, jewelry, handicrafts, paintings, items for collectors, to personalized experiences with El Hijo del Santo ©, such as conferences, autograph signings, and more, achieving that wearing and/or using any of our products and/or participating in any of our events, our clients experience a powerful energy that will live with them forever.

We ship our products throughout the country and abroad, thus ensuring that we are popular with the international public.

When you purchase one of our products, you acquire an authentic piece backed by El Hijo del Santo ©, as well as something that distinguishes you and identifies you with the values ​​that characterize this magical mask, especially with justice, loyalty and the passion of the Mexican icon that has crossed borders being recognized globally, indisputably representing a great part of the pop culture of our country.

Our main objective is to ensure that fans of all ages in the world, when purchasing any of our products and services, becomes part of the legend of Santo © and El Hijo del Santo ©, El Enmascarado de Plata® ™.